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Before becoming a small business owner. I worked as a Director of Casting and Development for major networks. I was ready for a change when my first son unexpectedly came five weeks early. Like most new moms, the transition from a career to being a stay at  home was challenging & exhausting.

One summer my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother came to visit me. The greatest teachers of my life shared their wisdom, life experiences, and ancient recipes. My great grandmother cooked her homemade ghee. I could not help but look at the amber yellow jar and wonder why ghee didn't also come in a variety of flavors. My grandmother had just made numerous sweet and savory dishes and used ghee in every one of them.

I started the Gourmet Ghee Company in 2017; in my very own kitchen in Lynbrook, New York. I wanted to be unique so I cooked with a lot of flavors and I wanted my product to be a great blend of my culture and my husband's Italian background. Black truffle is still our best seller!

Two children, hundreds of flavors, and many store shelves later. I have passed down my family recipe to my children. I would bake my great grandmother's traditional ghee cookies since my babies started teething.

As they got older I had to find ways for them to eat foods they didnt always like. Ghee cookies being so soft and chewy right out of the oven made for a soft buttery paste. My boys would always ask me for more "cookghee" and that's how their little business got started! My great grandmother's words always stayed with me "Homemade food is edible love."

The Gourmet Ghee Company is on a mission to introduce authentic ghee to homes across the globe. One flavor at a time.

Founder & CEO
Nazia DeFrank


Ghee that is properly made contains high levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Try some ghee in your hot beverages to replace traditional creamers, or sauté with vegetables, and don’t forget to spread the love on your favorite baked goods.  

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